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I mean, gross. As I got analy sex event in mikkeli, I became less of a stick in the mud and decided to give anal more of a chance.

Eventually, I discovered that, done right, women absolutely loved itand soon I enjoyed it a fair bit too. The fear for her, that comes with accepting you into the wrong hole These things enhance the experience for her as well. So, there are a couple of NSFW images near the end of analy sex event in mikkeli post — you have been forewarned. However, with anal sex, you have a analy sex event in mikkeli of the body that does not produce natural lubrication, is not designed for or used to intense back-and-forth friction, and is controlled by a sphincter that can open quite wide, yet as a protective measure does not and can not unless and until she is extremely relaxed and ready for it.

Additionally, the way many men try to perform anal sex — doggystyle, except with penis in butt instead of penis in vagina — is not well suited to providing orgasms, nor a maximally pleasurable experience. So before we can make her orgasm from anal, there are four 4 things we need to take care of first:. How bad that would be. How naughty it would be. How it analy sex event in mikkeli have to be our little secret, and no one else could ever know my rock-hard rod was back there, pulsing analy sex event in mikkeli throbbing in your dark little no-hole.

My personal favorite way to prep her for it and get her thinking about it and wanting it though is this: put her in doggystyle and mount her from behind during vaginal sex, then as you give it to her, scoop up some lubrication from her pussy and begin to tease around her anus with one of your fingers.

As you get further into the sex and her pleasure is heightening, begin to plunge your finger in and out of her anus every so lightly, just teasing her at this point. The idea is to give her a taste of your finger entering her anus, but not to satiate that taste; you want her to want your finger in there desperately, but to make her wait.

A sphincter is an o-shaped ring of muscle that expands or contracts to allow a mass to pass. The human body has sphincters throughout its bodily system in, for instance, the iris of the eye, expanding to make the pupil larger and let in more light, or constricting to make the pupil smaller and allow in less, or the throat to analy sex event in mikkeli food pass. Prepare your eyes. So what gives? The anal sphincter, like a sad little puppy with a puckered-up mug, needs comfort.

To get her comfortable enough to relax muscle control over her sphincter and, essentially, unlock the gate for you to plumb her inner depths, you have several techniques at your disposal:. The one I find works best personally is bringing her to orgasm or close to orgasm through penetrative vaginal sex. Then stopping, switching, and putting it into analy sex event in mikkeli butt.

The anus does not produce natural analy sex event in mikkeli. At least, not enough to handle the kind of friction that comes with sexual intercourse.

My personal favorite lubrication is Divine No. If you hit both those points, there will generally be ample lubrication, though if you remove your penis at any time, you may want to drip some more lubrication on before diving back in.

Finger or penis. The anus is home to a greater collection of bacterial fauna than the vagina is, and some of these can cause yeast infections or urinary tract infections if they spread to that part of her body, neither of which you want her analy sex event in mikkeli, for both of your sakes.

Should you? As I understand it, this is helped along either from the girl getting so wet vaginally that it drips back towards the anus and gets swept in during the thrusting, or the man producing lots of precum when going in bareback. Why would you want to do analy sex event in mikkeli There is, however, an easy way to make her cum during anal sex.

Make her lie on her side. Have her draw analy sex event in mikkeli knees up to her chest, or chin. Tell her to pull them all the way up. Kneel down on your knees, and insert your penis into her rump. You want to basically be the Y-axis to her X-axis; instead of being lined up with her, like the man normally is during most sex positions, you want to be perpendicular to her.

Apologies for the indecency, but considering the subject matter, well A woman you perform anal on typically feels like she has submitted to you in a major way with anal — more so than she does with vaginal especially if you made it all the way up in her and lasted longer than a couple of seconds.

If you gave it to her welland provided her an anal orgasm or two You made her do this, or drew this out of her Anal sex is an early relationship differentiatorin that if none of her other boyfriends penetrated her anally and you do, it communicates you are more sexually experienced and more sexually daring than her priors were.

It makes you a better loverbetter able to please her in more different ways, and able to add more variety in the bedroom and keep things from getting stale as quickly. I think the biggest thing to stress about anal sex is it is an act of domination and submission more extreme than vaginal sex.

Anal sex is without a doubt a different beast than vaginal sex. One dominant penetrating partner shoving his cock into one receptive, submissive partner. And the receptive partner could be anything — woman, man, sheep, elephant, you name it. To give her a great anal sex session and help her reach an anal orgasm, we have four 4 steps we want to follow:.

Chase woke up one day in tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could analy sex event in mikkeli, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends plus plenty of failures along the wayhe launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System. Skip to main content.

Here they are: Then, just bang her until she cums her brains out. Pretty analy sex event in mikkeli. Anal sex generally analy sex event in mikkeli the following effects: A woman you perform anal on typically feels like she has submitted to you in a major way with anal — more so than she does with vaginal especially if you made it all the way up in her and lasted longer than a couple of seconds Analy sex event in mikkeli you gave it to her welland provided her an anal orgasm or two About the Author: Chase Amante Chase woke up one day in tired of being alone.

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