Okay, so I was flipping around the channels last night, and I came across a show called Hotel Erotica Cabo. I would just like to say that this often happens to me. It is amazing how Cinemax continues to provide cutting edge entertainment that is also so very true to life! In other news, yesterday an article about me appeared on the back of the Personal Journal section of the Wall Street Journal.

It was a nice article…although I do feel the need to clarify the reason that I refused to sing songs about Jesus in my school. I have absolutely no objections to singing songs about the children of deities while in a house of worship. I was always very happy to sing them on Sunday, for instance, at St. Charles, the church my family belonged to, and where I was a member of the CYO. Especially since one of the songs went like this:. He's Number One!

Possibly this would have been all right if we had also sung songs about Mohammed, Moses, L. Ron Hubbard, and Buddha. However, we did not. But when all three were put together, I felt I had no choice but to do what I always did in high school when faced with what I felt was an untenable situation: Make an appointment with my guidance counselor, Ida G.

Oh, what? You thought I went to the school board, raised a stink, and got the choral department to abide by the US Constitution? Why would I do that, when I was totally happy with the way things had turned out?

Because, if you think about it, a free period during which to sit and read Roger Zelazny is, to a nerdy high school girl, what a trip to an erotically-themed hotel in Mexico is to the rest of us. Yes, people. I was getting too cerebral… and my guidance counselor sent me to Hotel Erotica Cabo! Here is a general summary of the WSJ article. Hotel erotica cabo haut tief, why is this cracking hotel erotica cabo haut tief up so much? Still, I don't think she handled it at all the way she should have.

Hotel erotica cabo haut tief right. In this age of synthetic fur, there is no reason to use the real thing. I'm sorry. Would you like some more sake? Here is a cute review of QOB. I know what you're going to say—I'm getting too cerebral, aren't Hotel erotica cabo haut tief This show was on Cinemax or Skin-emax, as Hotel erotica cabo haut tief like to call it.

Especially since one of the songs went like this: He's Number One! More later.

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