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This post long term dating in luxor contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for details. Luxor at night is, in a word, magical. There are plenty of things to do in Luxor at night. Internal flights, with the likes of Egypt Air are reasonably priced and offer a generous 23kg luggage allowance rasierte muschi masterbating mit wasser board. I always use Skyscanner to book flights. There are deluxe and standard options available.

Although not as comfortable, the overnight bus is a more budget friendly option. I would recommend GoBus, who also have an online app to book. See my full review here. Luxor has so many attractions on offer beyond the ones that the tour groups visit. Unlike Cairo, there is no Uber here yet! So, you will need to haggle for transport and haggle hard! I will also warn you that the taxi vendors and carriage drivers are relentless here! They will hang outside hotels and pounce on you as soon as you walk out the door.

I wanted to long term dating in luxor to a restaurant 5 minutes away and was followed for that 5 minutes the whole way there. I walked, while he followed alongside me in his carriage lol.

So, I would ignore it or have a means of transport pre-booked with your hotel or an agency before you leave your hotel! I would opt to hire a private car or taxi to take you around the sites. Then another to visit Karnak and Luxor temple the next day. At night, I hired a cab to take me to Karnak both ways. Today, you will find many horse and carriages parked up along the Corniche to take you around the city. Again, make sure you negotiate.

Luxor is safe to walk at night along the Corniche, to reach restaurants and to visit Luxor Temple which is centrally located. To cross over the Nile to the West Bank is actually a quicker option than driving by car. It will cut the journey by 30 minutes! Or you can visit Banana island as well. The Old Winter Palace Luxor is a historic hotel and a lasting legacy from the golden age of Egyptology.

Lord Carnavorn long term dating in luxor announced the discovery of King Tutankhamun by Howard Carter at Valley of the Kings from its very steps in For dates and rates available see here. The most bother I had were taxi drivers long term dating in luxor boat owners wanting to sell me a ride! I walked along the Corniche, to restaurants and to Luxor temple at night and was totally fine.

Compared to Cairo, things here are much more relaxed. This allows you to be in amongst the action which is so much cooler. The first showing long term dating in luxor at 7pm and I would advise to get here early and head straight to the front by the rope.

This show really blew me away and was my absolute favourite. It allows you to see Karnak in a completely different light. For show times and languages, see here. Make sure you stick around at the end for photos. The guards will allow long term dating in luxor for a small baksheesh tip.

If you thought that Luxor temple was breathtaking to behold long term dating in luxor the day, then the night time will blow you away. The cool temperatures of the evening attracts tour groups like a moths to the flame. Although it was difficult to long term dating in luxor photos here, I still enjoyed my visit. The figures and pillars looked so dramatic against the night sky. You will need to buy two tickets to see it twice in the same day.

Taking a horse and carriage ride in Luxor is pretty special. But compared to the West, horse and carriage rides here are dirt cheap. Taking one along the Corniche road by the Nile and through the city is a blast. You can see the ships, Luxor temple, the mosques, hear the call to prayer and even go through the markets.

After the carriage driver followed me down the road to the restaurant that evening, I got terribly sick.

My lungs felt like they were on fire and I started to cry! I was so scared. The carriage driver asked if he could take me to a pharmacy. I accepted and he took me to get medicine and even took me for a hot lemon tea at the local shop to soothe my throat.

I was alone and so this kindness really comforted me. It sounds awful but this really transformed my opinion of the taxi drivers in Egypt. Not everyone is out to get you and human kindness can be found in the most unlikely place. Sofra is without doubt the best restaurant in Luxor. I ended up in here twice as the food was so good! The menu is a journey through Egypt and showcases many traditional dishes and local flavours. The owners were so kind and even brought me out bread and a starter complimentary!

The best part is the food is so reasonable in price. Many of the restaurants in the city have hiked up tourist prices. The best seats are upstairs in their terrace. Reservations are recommended for the evening, but I just turned up for lunch and got a seat straight away. My favourite of them all was their bar and restaurant, Royal Bar. I tried their croque monsieur which was delicious, the ketchup came in cute mini jam jars and had so many fries I swear I would burst!

Drinking is not cheap in Egypt! It usually requires two men to control, both men need to row oars on each side. At one point, the captain was climbing long term dating in luxor the top of the mast like a tree to allow the sails to catch the wind!

Although you can arrange a falucca ride with your hotel. I went down the East Bank and negotiated for a ride there. These usually last one to two hours depending on how much you want to pay. When I went, there was hardly any breeze so we just ended up floating for an hour. No hope of reaching Banana Island for us! The views, however, were magnificent and more than made up for it. The Luxor Museum opened its doors in and displays antiquities gathered from Thebes ancient Luxor and the Necropolis, the Valley of the Kings.

After having been to the Egyptian Museum in CairoI gave this one a miss. A perfect way to spend a cultural evening in Luxor! Of course, in Luxor you can go shopping at anytime of the day and night! One of my favourite things to do when I travel. I love finding interesting local souvenirs and in Egypt there are so many! Beyond the typical tourist souvenirs of Anubis keyrings and Tutankhamun magnets.

You can get some long term dating in luxor quality items like 18carat gold, alabaster, perfumes, papyrus scrolls, carpets and spices.

But, please be careful when purchasing. There are many scams in the markets in Egypt and you may be quoted a huge price for a fake. The police got involved and I got my money back but I learned a big lesson. Please go to an official government approved tourist shop or institute to buy products. They usually have a relationship with the shop and will receive a commission percentage of what you bought. You can head on up for a n air balloon ride at sunrise over the Theban Necropolis. My perfect 2 week Egypt Itinerary.

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