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Brawlin which Samus appears as a playable character with and without her Power Suit. In the rare moments when my equipment malfunctions, this is all I have to rely on - fortunately, the streamlined design enables acrobatic movement and the Paralyzer is all that I need to get me out of tight spots.

In Super Smash Bros. BrawlZero Suit Samus is a playable character. The respective shield button on the player's controller can also be held on the character selection screen, to trigger Zero Suit Samus starting instead. Zero Suit Samus' functions as a separate fighter with her own armament and combat style, in much the same way that Princess Zelda has an alter-ego, Sheik, with different moves.

As in the Metroid metroid samus aran zero suit tentakel, Zero Suit Samus is more vulnerable, but also quicker and more maneuverable. She carries her emergency pistolnow named the Paralyzer. Created for Brawl is a Plasma Whip capability with the Paralyzer which she can use as both attacks and tether recoveries, acting as a replacement of the Grapple Beam she would use with her Power Suit. Additionally, her down move, Flip Jumpinvolves her springing off the ground, and she can kick opponents dealing high damage.

When Zero Suit Samus emerges, the pieces of her Power Suit lying on the ground can be picked up and thrown at other fighters. Resembling the Crystal Flash though it metroid samus aran zero suit tentakel not heal Samus in any waythe move drags in nearby enemies and blasts them away with damage. When the attack is finished, the Power Suit is restored.

Zero Suit Samus is voiced by Alesia Glidewell with spoken phrases in three taunts and one victory pose. She comes across Pikachu being drained of its electrical power, and frees it out of compassion, summoning a security force of R. Pikachu assists Samus in her search out of gratitude. After their defeat she is able to recover her Power Suit and uses it by default in later levels, but it is possible to switch between forms when desired.

Once the level is cleared the player can choose either form at will in cleared levels and levels that allow the player to choose any character.

Her name on the character select screen is misspelled "Zaro Suit Samus". Here is a list of Zero Suit Samus' moves. Zero Suit Samus, like most Brawl characters, has unused sound effects for hits at high damage percentages. Metroid: Zero Mission.

Super Smash Bros. Zero Suit Samus was not revealed in the debut trailer despite the appearance of the Zero Laser. The April 8 date coincided with the European release of Zero Mission in Like the suited Samus, Zero Suit Samus's appearance is an amalgamation of all of her physical appearances.

She takes the Zero Suit design and beauty mark from Other Malong with a similar face, but retains her blue eyes, taller and athletic build and hairstyle from Zero Mission and Brawlthough with the Other M bangs.

Her kick and fist attacks have been augmented with Jet Boots and metal bracelets. She jumps into it and fires twin lasers at opponents in metroid samus aran zero suit tentakel first-person view similar to the Dragoon item and Snake's Final Smash.

The Metroid samus aran zero suit tentakel is also part of her new entrance, where she jumps down metroid samus aran zero suit tentakel it as it flies away. On the Boxing Ring stage in Wii Ueach character has their own title in the background.

Without the armor, she's also much, much faster. The weapon she carries is a self-protection device known as a Paralyzer that stops enemies cold. Ultimate as a playable fighter. In terms of physical appearance she now has a more muscular build, greener eyes and the size of her breasts has metroid samus aran zero suit tentakel reduced.

Her Final Smash has changed again to another form of the Zero Laserin which she jumps atop her Gunship, wearing her Power Suit, and fires the Zero Laser down onto the stage from the metroid samus aran zero suit tentakel of her ship before finishing with a final blast.

This attack is similar to Lucario 's Aura Storm. In the Ending Outfit alternate costumes, which return, Zero Suit Samus has well-defined abdominal muscles. She can be unlocked by: playing VS. Except for the third method, she must then be defeated on Planet Zebes: Brinstar.

Her Paralyzer not only has the ability to stun opponents, but it can also turn into a whip. For her Final Smash, she dons her suit and fires a powerful laser! Non-canon warning : Non-canonical information ends here. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

This is a featured article. All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—" Non-canon warning : This article or section contains information that may not be considered an official part of metroid samus aran zero suit tentakel Metroid series in the overall storyline by Nintendo.

Categories :. Cancel Save. Metroid samus aran zero suit tentakel Conquest Wiki. Samus Aran without her mighty Power Suit. In this condition, she does not have the firepower she's famed for but is in full possession of the agility and athleticism she gained through her childhood training with the Chozo.

Wii Super Smash Bros. Zero Suit Samus's Final Smash. Samus loses her Power Suit when she fires the Zero Laserbut she can restore it—that is, she can return from her Zero Suit form to her familiar armored form. That being metroid samus aran zero suit tentakel, Zero Suit Samus is very quick with great reach, so there are tactical reasons to fight as is.

If that's your preference, don't pick up any Metroid samus aran zero suit tentakel Balls. Sure, she loses a lot of the moves and weapons she had access to before, but her Jet Boots pick up the slack! She also has the Paralyzer, a versatile weapon that can shock her rivals or change into a Plasma Whip to grab edges and enemies. PAL: Without her Power Suit, Samus Aran may not have her usual strength, specials moves or over-powered arm cannon, but her Jet Boots definitely kick things up a notch in their own way.

The Paralyzer, her gun, does just what you'd expect it to, but it can also turn into a whip for attacking and grabbing onto edges while falling. A perfectly executed attack will hit eight times!

Her down special Flip Jump can bury a grounded fighter in the dirt. She can kick midflip by pressing the special button.

If you start the move close to an opponent, you can hit them up to eight times and launch them sideways! Her main down special, Flip Jump, buries opponents if you land on them at the end of it. Alternatively, press the button metroid samus aran zero suit tentakel mid-flip for a drop kick.

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