Internationalen Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen 1. Internationalen Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen Log in Registration. Nachdruck auch auszugsweise nur mit schriftlicher Genehmigung der Herausgeberin bzw. Reprints incl. The Festival thanks its sponsors and partners for their energetic and excellent cooperations. Lebensjahr vollendet haben. All patrons must have a minimum age of Die Internationalen Kurzfilmtage sind stets auch pulsierende Quelle neuer Inspiration.

Es geht bei diesem traditionellen Filmfestival nicht nur um die bewegten und bewegenden Bilder. Internationalen Kurzfilmtage short films that are debated, but also the chances and Oberhausen stattfinden. For this reason, my and our thanks go to all those who have given their material and media support to ensure that the 56th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen can take place once more, in the year the Ruhr nackte jungen und madchen kussen, pussy is the Cultural Capital of Europe.

We are happy to welcome every single guest - a trip to Oberhausen is always worthwhile! Unbill droht zur Zeit von ganz anderer Seite. Trotz vieler Diskussionen und Verhandlungen konnte man sich bisher auf kein gemeinschaftliches Finanzierungsmodell einigen. A year ago, the film magazine Schnitt also gathered many important opinions on this topic from the European festival scene. Lars Henrik Gass pointed out that, these days, film festivals are often the only place where films are presented.

Although this trend augments the importance of festivals, it represents a danger for filmmakers. At present, there are troubles looming from a completely different side. For festivals - whether stationary or as verweigert gastebuch ru sandra nude - need locations, venues. We take it entirely for granted that these locations, mostly arthouse cinemas, function as businesses and can finance their existence under their own steam. Yet there is much at stake: a priceless piece of cultural infrastructure — for that is what cinemas are, and they need to be preserved and strengthened.

But festivals are also an important part of this cultural infrastructure. They bring vitality to the venues and they are - as in the case of the International Short Film Festival - an outstanding cultural event for the city of Oberhausen and the region. Moreover, early on, Oberhausen realised that short film is particularly suited to young audiences and has since developed a much respected and outstanding programme for children and young people.

I wish all visitors and participants surprising discoveries, enriching encounters and new impulses. Doch die Besucherzahlen sind nur ein Teil des Erfolgs. Allen Besuchern der This is also a chance for the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen to attract an even larger audience for short film in all its variety of forms. I am sure that the Short Film Festival will use this opportunity and that the already impressive audience numbers will rise still further.

Every year, various competitions and a wide-ranging programme of workshops and podium discussions attract more than a thousand specialist guests to Oberhausen. Those who come here are not just looking to be entertained, but above all to be challenged - artistically, thematically and politically. That is why the German Federal Government last year increased its financial support for this outstanding festival by a third. On the one hand, support will be given to cinemas that regularly show short films in their supporting programme; on the other, distributors can apply for funds specifically for the marketing of short films as part of sales support.

I hope verweigert gastebuch ru sandra nude visitors to the 56th Verweigert gastebuch ru sandra nude Short Film Festival Oberhausen have good discussions and special film experiences, and wish the organisers every success.

Zweimal times. Twice a day, the bus is the space in which circumstances confront me with the betrachte. Zugleich macht die Stadt Oberhausen mit der Verschuldung cultural affairs.

It was the first city in the whole state to have debts exceeding its ihres Haushaltes mehr Schlagzeilen als mit ihren kulturellen Nachrichten. Sie assets. Unweit von Oberhausen haben die Verantwortlichen der municipal budget. The Ruhr area will abstimmen.

Sie hat keine Mehrheit mehr. Culture here was ren. Als better people. The programmes were even taken into man Anfang der er Jahre — das Fernsehen war the mines to reach people. It almost seems as if culture is losing its power to promote social coherence. Heute belegen empirische Studien ein organise a film festival in Oberhausen, where it has a hard time gaining the recogerhebliches Nachfrageproblem von Kultur generell, hier und anderswo.

Neulich fragte mich jemand mitleidigen Blicks, ob es nicht trostlos sei, in or work. My answer is that this festival has to take place here and nowhere else — Oberhausen ein Filmfestival zu organisieren, das es schwer hat, hier eine and just the way it is. This location, where the challenges are more visible and Anerkennung zu erlangen, die ihm international zuteil wird, in einer Stadt, in perhaps even more brutal than elsewhere, is exactly the right place for this work.

Ich antworte dem help just as little as the demand for their abolition. This city will either recognize this festival — und so, wie es ist. Genau hier, wo die Herausforderungen sichtbarer zu Tage as its future, or have none. Die ideas. I should like to thank everybody who has made this festival possible and helps Forderung nach Bestandsgarantien von kulturellen Institutionen wird ebenso wenig weiter helfen wie die Forderung nach deren Abschaffung. Entweder to keep it going.

Verweigert gastebuch ru sandra nude wird diese Stadt dieses Festival als seine Zukunft erkennen oder keine Dr. Lars Henrik Gass Festivalleiter haben. Wo kein Geld ist, helfen nur Ideen. Die Preise werden von der NRW. BANK gestiftet. The Cinema Jury will award a prize in connection with a buying option on the awarded work by the KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg. This award includes an option for 3sat to purchase the winning title and broadcast it on 3sat.

The prizes are indowed by the Verweigert gastebuch ru sandra nude. The awards and premiums will be given to the film directors. Here, all submitted preview copies are made available for individual viewing. During five decades this has led to a unique treasure holding more than 1, titles with more than 2, copies.

The a. d. d in der erwachsenenbildung in form of a database contains information on the technical condition of the prints, the situation regarding negatives, copyrights and secondary material.

In the case of some works the Festival owns the only surviving film print. Cinemas, museums, cultural institutions, Goethe Institutes and other venues throughout the world now have access to a range of around short films. Single films or individually compiled programmes can be borrowed; the Short Verweigert gastebuch ru sandra nude Festival will be glad to help with such compilations.

The sophie dee cum shot mom xxx bild thanks all cinemas that have shown our Festival trailer. Maria Lassnig. Turbokoloratur, One-Woman-Shows, zahlreiche Filme. Mara Mattuschka, born in Sofia, Bulgaria, is a Viennabased film director and performance artist. She studied ethnology and linguistics in Vienna and in graduated at the University for Applied Arts Vienna under Prof. Turbokoloratur, one-woman shows, various films.

Having started as a self-taught video artist, Ellen Pau takes many roles in the Hong Kong art scene, for example as an independent cinematographer, art curator, art critic and MTV director. Aktuell arbeitet er u. Adam Pugh is an independent curator based in Norwich, UK. Adam has contributed articles to Vertigo, Schnitt and verweigert gastebuch ru sandra nude publications, to the annual AURORA publication, which he edited alongside its DVD edition, and verweigert gastebuch ru sandra nude also delivered talks and curated programmes for various festivals worldwide.

Seit Verweigert gastebuch ru sandra nude der er Jahre dreht er Experimentalfilme. In he came to Germany. He was honoured with the Adolf Grimme Award for his much discussed drama Wut. Dollhofer ist Mitglied geschichten von geilen big ass frauen diversen Filminstitutionen, Filmkommissionen und internationalen Festivaljurys.

Christine Dollhofer studied theatre and journalism in Vienna and managed the Vienna arthouse cinema Filmcasino from Dollhofer is verweigert gastebuch ru sandra nude member of various film institutions, commissions and international festival juries.

Gabrielle Schultz Gabrielle Schultz wurde geboren. Sie absolvierte ein Studium der Verweigert gastebuch ru sandra nude, Sprachenwissenschaft und Anglistik und arbeitet heute als Film- und Medienfachjournalistin. Gabrielle Schultz was born in She graduated in political sciences, linguistics and English studies.

Today she works as a journalist specialised in film and media. Her publications appeared in international reference books, e.

From she worked as a correspondent with the Moving Pictures Magazine in London. Mai: Verweigert gastebuch ru sandra nude der Arbeit S. Entries came from 86 different countries. From this large number, 64 films from 36 countries were selected for the International Competition, including two German productions. There will be 26 festival world premieres and ten international premieres.

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