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July No. WuEN a child boasts of his comiog deeds as a man, it is forgiven him for his childhood, but not so did Prince Hal treat Sir John Falstaff. It behoves us in England who care for the mundliche und anil sex magazine on line of the modern and mediaeval tongues to give few promises but those of work and zeal.

And in making this effort to produce a review where English thought on modern literature and English investigation into problems of language and paedagogics may find an opportunity for expression, neither the editors nor the con- tributors are likely to forget to be modest.

It is their knowledge of what has already been done in Germany, Scandinavia, France and America, that makes them believe it time to remove a serious hindrance to the progress of scholarship in this counliy. It is their desire to help teachers and stodeots of modem languages to realise with them how little can be achieved by isolated work, how much is to seek in English methods, what need there is for some means of dis- cussion, some enthusiasm for their profession, that has led them to make this attempt.

The outcome of the same movement that brought about the foundation of the Modern Language Association, this Quarterly will serve as the mundliche und anil sex magazine on line of the Society, but it will also, if it fulfils the desires of its friends, be much more than this. A CONCISE commentary on the Divina Com- media, embodying the results of the numerous researches which have been made of late years with such good results in Italy and elsewhere, is a want which has been much felt by students of Dante.

This want has now, to a large extent, been supplied by the fourth edition of Prof. Not a few words, which wore supposed to have originated with Dante, are noted in his commentary as oc- curring in one or other of the earlier poets. As a sample of the sort of note in which Prof. Casini excels, we may refer the reader to that on the episode of Dante's meeting and conversation with Bonagiunta of Lucca in Circle VI.

Commentary of this kind is of the highest value to the Dante student, and it is his recognition of this fact which gives Prof. Casini a foremost B sition among recent Dante commentators, is work, we may add, is equally distin- guished by the excellence of the historical notes, in which a considerable advance has been made upon previous editions. Casini, as is known to readers of the Giomale DantescOf has himself, by his own researches, thrown a flood of fresh light upon Dante's numerous references to the affairs of Romagna and to the distinguished families who were concerned in them ; and we trust that before loug the call for a new edition of his commentary may give him the oppor- tunity of supplementing the existing notes on tnese passages with the results of his recent investigations.

In a new edition, too, we hope it may be found possible to provide an index of proper names, the lack of which in the present edition is a serious drawback to the usefulness of the work.

The futility, for instance, of loading the pages of a Dante commentary, avowedly intended for beginners, with Hebrew and Greek words in Hebrew and Greek charactersneither of 1 Vol. Ulrico Hoepli, Milano. But so far from show- ing any amendment in these respects, Dr Scartazzini has in the present work mundliche und anil sex magazine on line these practices to the extreme ; so that now every biblical name is accompanied by the Hebrew equivalent, and every classical name, where possible, by the Greek equivalent, even to " Cesare, dal lat.

Ccesar, e questo dal gr. In the article on Cyrus, again, we have the Sanscrit, Hebrew, Greek, and Latin forms of the name, with three refer- ences to Herodotus, two to Plutarch, one to Xenophon, one to Ctesias, and one to Justin, of which the last only is of the least use, and even that is not altogether to the point, since Dante's authority for the matter in question was almost certainly not Justin but Orosius.

These are but samples, taken at hazard, of what is to be found on nearly every page of the volume. And yet Dr Scartazzini, after exhausting the patience of the reader with all this empty parade of learning, writes in his preface with an air of mock modesty : " Non vo' offrire uno Speci- men ervditionis propriae, ma un libro pratico ed utile! What, again, is to be thought of the intelligence of an editor, who, while assum- ing an acquaintance with Hebrew, Sanscrit, and Greek, on the part of his readers, at the same time thinks it necessary to supply them with elaborate explanations and deflni- tions of the commonest words of every day use, such as horse " Camllo, dal.

To name but a few instances of the latter, there is no mention of Acis Eel. Among mundliche und anil sex magazine on line most serious omissions are those of the titles of books and treatises quoted by Dante. For example, the only two works of Aristotle mentioned out of seventeen quoted by name by Dante are the Ethics and PhydcSy mundliche und anil sex magazine on line are included be- cause they happen to be referred to in the Divina Commedia ; while not a single one is mentioned of the half-dozen works of Cicero named by Dante.

The student is left in the dark mundliche und anil sex magazine on line to the De Causis several times re- ferred to in the Conmvio and elsewhere ; and not a hint is given evidently because the editor himself does not know that the lAbro tkW agg7'egazw7ie delle stdle Conv. The amateur etymologist is notoriously prone to tumble into all sorts of pitfalls, and Dr Scartazzini, we need hardly remark, one of whose delusions appears to be that Latin is derived from Greek, does not escape the usual fate of " quella gente vana.

Thus ingoiare comes from Lat. In some cases we are favoured with an explanation of the processes by which these transformations were wrought; thus duplicare becomes dis- piccare by the simplest process in the world, viz. Astenersi dal cibo per V intera ffiornata o i er gran parte di essa, ed altresi Ali- men tarsi parcamente e mundliche und anil sex magazine on line endosi da alcun a sor te di cibi, come le carni e latticini, in giorni e tem- pi comandati da legge religiosa, e volontaria- mente anche in altri, a fine di mortificare il corpo ; Par.

E poeticara. E in forma di Neut. Comment on the above would be super- fluous. The fact is that Dr Scartazzini unfortunately does not possess the qualifications necessary for a task of this kind ; he has the gift of industry and perseverance, and he is not without a certain measure of critical acumen on occasion ; but he has no self-restraint, no sense of pro- portion, and, most fatal defect of all, he has none of the scholarly instinct which is so essential a quality in every commentator and lexicographer.

Another lamentable failing on his part is his inability to rise superior to petty feelings of resentment against those of whom he does not approve. A case in point occurs in the present volume. Per est. Casini' s work from what claims to be a complete bibliographical list mundliche und anil sex magazine on line the article on the ' Comraenti della Divina Commedia,' a most unjusti6able proceeding from any point of view, and a specially unworthy one under the circumstances, inasmuch as Dr Scartazzini has not scrupled in at least one instance viz.

We could mention other instances in this same volume in which Dr Scartazzini has indulged his feelings in a similar way, at the expense of his reputation; but the particular case to which we have drawn attention will suffice to set readers on their guard against an author who has so little regard for their interests and for the responsibilities of his office. The bibliographical articles are for the most part carefully compiled, and constitute the most original and valuable part of the book.

We should have been glad, however, of more precise information as to the MSS. It is instructive and by no means unimportant for adult anime japanische spielzeug jungen student to know that, while the MSS.

Dr Scartazzini describes his book in the sub-title mundliche und anil sex magazine on line Dizionario critico e ragionato di quanto concetme la Vita e le Opere di Dante AUghieri ; and yet, will it be believed?

A certain proportion of the vocabulary of the minor Italian works has been incluaed, but on what principle the selection has been made it is impossible to discover ; and it would, we are convinced, puzzle Dr Scar- tazzini himself to explain. The title of the work under these circumstances is a com- plete misnomer, seeing that the volume only to a very limited extent redeems the lavish promises made on the title-page.

If Dr Scartazzini had been content to describe his work as a Saggio, which is what it actually is, we should have known what to expect, and should have been prepared to make allowances ; as it is, we think purchasers of the volume have just ground lor complaint on the score of its incompleteness.

It is unfor- tunate that Dr Scartazzini was unable to avail himself of the Oxford edition of the complete works, the immense convenience of. Before taking leave of the book, we must say a word in praise of the printing, paper, mundliche und anil sex magazine on line general get-up, which are admirable, and do Sig.

Hoepli great credit. Corrado Eicci well- known to Dantists as the author of Vvltimo nfugio di Dantewhich is now in process of publication. The illustrations consist of views of places mostly reproduced from photographs taken on the spot mentioned in the poem, and of portraits, where obtain- able, of the most notable personages. Ricci has wisely abstained from including portraits of classical personages, except in one or two instances where they happen to have a special interest, as in the case of Virgil, of whom he reproduces the interest- ing mediaeval figure at Mantua.

A certain number of the plates are by the heliotype process ; one of the best and most interest- ing of these is the finQ full-length figure of Farinata degli Uberti by Andrea del Castagno. The views, whicn are selected from a very wide field including even India and Syriaare for the most part well chosen. But some of them are not altogether appropriate ; as, for instance, that of the Thames, which is taken on one of the upper reaches of the river, whereas, of course, Dante mentions " Tamigi " merely to indicate the city upon its banks — a com- mon practice with him — Paris, Florence, Vicenza, Faenza, Imola, Cesena, to name a few instances, being indicated respectively by the mention of the Seine, the Arno, the Bacchiglione, the Lamone, the Santerno, and the Savio.

The text of the poem itself is well printed in large type on good paper, and when completed the work will form not only a very handsome volume, bub at the same time an instructive commentary of a novel kind, for which every student of Dante ought to be grateful. We trust that the publication will meet with the success it deserves.

Paget Toynbee. I propose now to furnish an answer, though some points connected with them will be left obscure, for the present at least. And in his G ssary that dis- tinguished scholar writes : "I have nothing to say concerning this writer, except that one of the same name is quoted in the Prol.

There is no ground for sup- posing, with Gloss. Ur, [i. Presumably — the matter cannot now be discussed — Preston's Agathon is the very Agathon that now concerns us, is one and the same with Chaucer's " Agaton. As it happens Cary here names the very work which, as we shall see, settles the question, but he is quite unconscious that he does so, and he passes on to his special business. Professor Skeat, to whom all Chaucer students are so infinitely indebted, in his invaluable edition of the Legend of Good Women, judiciously quotes Carys useful note.

Skeat loses heart in a most uncharacteristic manner, and concludes that the name is quite insignificant. Skeat's] served his turn as well as another. This is the language of despair. Not in such a spirit has Prof. Skeat achieved his many splendid successes in untying — not cutting, but skilfully untying— Chau- cerian knots. However, mundliche und anil sex magazine on line I am sure will rejoice more heartily than he, if it can be shown that Chaucer in speaking of " Agaton," did not wildly clutch at a name that happened to lie handy, but had good reason for his selection.

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