Guitars, Gear, Tone! Bernie Rico Jr. Any news about him? I haven't heard anything after his breakdown except that he may be working with some new company that's associated to gear hounds I'm curious if any of the SSO guys that were ripped off by him ever got any resolution or actually escalated it to a lawsuit. Re: Bernie Rico Jr. So people paid for an instrument and did not get one? I'd make it my lifes goal to find the guy and extract every one of his teeth one at a time and then crack him on the bernie rico jr guitars suck with the ball end of a ball peen hammer.

Leme bernie rico jr guitars suck, all the cash went up his nose? I haven't seen Jr. In over 15 years now and when I knew him he was a stand up guy and also very health conscious so, no, i doubt anything went up his nose. I didn't know he had suffered mental issues or perhaps a breakdown. I was very priveledged to have met his Dad a few times before he passed bernie rico jr guitars suck and it would not surprise me if his passing did a number on Jr.

I hope he can sort out these problems personal and business, as I liked him a lot and the Rico family name should be thought of a lot better than I guess it currently is. Last edited by skoora on Sun, Apr 12, am, edited 1 time in total. Was this the Black Friday sale he did a few years back? The good deals on the hand made guitars? BrokenFusion wrote: cardinal wrote: Being a bad business man isn't necessarily a crime. He was apparently very nice if you talked to him, but had zero problem taking orders he knew he couldn't deliver to float a failing business.

He also had no problem claiming for a long time he built everything himself by hand "made in the USA" Then he started bernie rico jr guitars suck about the mysterious "wood shop".

Bottom line is the guy was running a scam selling guitars bernie rico jr guitars suck were completely built by contractors and billing himself as a master luthier that was building them. The inlay work that the "wood shop" couldn't handle was done by Ron Thorn.

Paint was done by a couple of different contractors. Woodworking was done god knows where but again not by Bernie. None of that is a problem if you're a production guitar company, but when you're claiming to be a one man shop building guitars by hand then it comes out you're maybe possibly doing wiring and fretwork maybe and nothing else it's just shady.

The Black Friday run was brilliant in that he offered an extremely limited number of pre-built guitars at a stupid cheap price on a sale that was supposed to last two days Net result he took a boatload of orders and a large amount of cash in and delivered nothing. I feel bad for the guys that got taken in, but honestly with the setup of that run they should have seen it coming.

It was also sad as anyone that implied that Bernie was maybe not being completely honest got pretty much attacked by a mob of fanboys. Of course the same rabid defenders now want the guy burned at the stake for ripping them off.

From what I understand, the old BC Rich company used two teams of guys kurze haare frauen hot sex Mexico for bernie rico jr guitars suck body blanks, one was the better "A team" and the other was like their "B team.

Anyone who thought Bernie Jr. I saw posts from people thinking that he did build stuff, but I was afraid to say too much explicitly because I didn't want anyone to come after me for libel or something stupid.

I can see the retail value of the ones that made it out plummeting in about 5, 4, Supposedly some finished guitars from the shop popped up on norsk erotik mintra thai massage but they were not finished or given BRJs approval and are not worth what they had been priced on ebay.

No, I didn't. That costed more money then Bernie rico jr guitars suck lost. I did want to do something else. I thought I was going to be screwed too until all of a sudden I got a short e-mail bernie rico jr guitars suck Bernie saying it was done and where to send it.

Even more lucky is that with the exception of a bernie rico jr guitars suck small cosmetic imperfections, it is ridiculously killer.

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