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Red coronation gown of Empress Catherine the Great of Russia. Is this cloak made of felted wool? How gorgeous this is! Another piece of historical knitting from Outlander. At the court of France, ladies were expected to be in full court dress for all formal occasions.

A dame du palais or femme de chambre who waited on the queen was required to wear full court dress at all times. Sharon Ann Burnston: An analysis of an eighteenth century woman's quilted waistcoat. Historical costuming and vintage sewing projects, with dress diaries and research on period dress from the 16th nur seide und satin verity the 20th nur seide und satin verity. Allan Ramsay, Portrait of Miss Craigie,oil.

Domino Date: 18th century Culture: British Medium: silk. Photo Nov 05, 10 18 Detail, pair of ladies' mittens, probably Italy, late 17th-early 18th century. Knitted fine rose-pink knitted silk with diapered and spotted patterns in gold and silver thread, the curved finger guard lined in lustrous gold braid, edged with gold fringes. Because you know you've seen that dress somewhere else before.

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