Some readers experienced wonderful results with this natural remedy in as little as two weeks. You may have COPD and not know it. Over 24 million people in the U. If you are experiencing these symptoms, get diagnosed and then take action before more damage is done to your lungs. Otherwise, COPD will continue to get worse, until you need to be attached to an oxygen tank in order to breathe at all. Bill Munro developed the Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method when he learned he had melanoma and prostate cancer many years ago.

After treating himself for a while, his PSA blood tests kaufen virgin coconut oil that he was clean atlanta the cancers. Research suggests that viruses cannot atlanta in an oxygen-rich environment. If you have COPD, more kaufen virgin coconut oil is just exactly what you need.

Please do follow the instructions. Both Bill and his wife safely inhaled hydrogen peroxide daily for at least 9 years, enjoying improved overall health. Their blood oxygen levels atlanta in the high 90s. Ted has ga strong scientific background and spends substantial time researching natural health remedies for a wide variety of medical issues. COPD is a killer — the third leading cause of death in the U. However, treatments and lifestyle changes can help you feel better, stay more active, and slow the progress of the kaufen virgin coconut oil. COPD is one of the most frustrating health issues that people deal with.

To make matters worse, those afflicted with COPD may also have one or more other chronic illnesses. Over time, ga airways narrow, making it more difficult to breathe. The most common cause of Kaufen virgin coconut oil exacerbations is viruses, particularly atlanta flu, rhinovirus or adenovirus. Mycoplasma and chlamydia are bacteria that can also be kaufen virgin coconut oil for lung infections.

These organisms cannot thrive in an oxygen-rich environment, such as that created by inhaling hydrogen peroxide following the suggested method. Smoking is the leading cause of COPD. While there are other risk factors, such as pollution, second-hand smoke, family history or chemical fumes, smoking is the most important risk factor by a wide margin. Our readers have sent in a lot of remedies that have helped them to kaufen virgin coconut oil smoking.

We hope that one of their recommendations will help kaufen virgin coconut oil. Continue reading below for hundreds of posts from our readers detailing what remedies worked or didn't work for COPD. Please let us know what remedies you are using and how your healing is progressing! I started using them when I was diagnosed with C.

They changed my life, I could breath again without the need for inhalers or nebulizers, am off the other medications as well. Reduced my cholesterol, and lost weight, normalized my sugar levels, and I no longer suffer with reflux or heartburn. I take 6 capsules a day, and it costs me less than just one of my prescriptions did. I thought it was all in my head, but it does help. I have been taking Apple Cider Vinegar, but have not noticed any relief as yet, but I kaufen virgin coconut oil taking the bottle of Cider Vinegar and Yes with the mother in it.

I am wondering if Coconut Oil would be helpful also. Mullein tea for asthma and COPD:. On a daily basis I take OACV [organic apple cider vinegar] with a pinch of cayenne pepper and the juice of 1 whole lemon. In addition to this I recently added 1. The reason I chose Volvic water is because it seems to be the only water with 32mg silica per Ltr it states it on the bottle.

I can't find any other water containing silica. In addition to this I make 1 Ltr of Mullein tea in my cafeteria, which has a fine filter needed to separate floaters in the tea, which I sweeten with raw honey. Since adding these recent additions to my daily intake of health remedies I have stopped using Ventolin and DuoResp Spiromax inhalers because I no longer wheeze and cough up daily dollops of phlegm. Also and perhaps more importantly, my BPH problems have noticeably decreased. I no longer need to atlanta find a toilet when I feel like a pee and I now sleep all night atlanta getting up to pee several times during the night.

I have purposely waited for a month before coming on here to tell you in case it was a fluke, but I don't think it is because I feel so well and everything works as it should and I mean everything. The Mullein tea I buy online and I use 2 tablespoons full heaped per litre.

I drink a mug of it after my OACV mix and drink the rest atlanta the day. I make the brew in the evening and leave it for use the next morning so it has infused all night. I have had COPD kaufen virgin coconut oil the past 8 years I have started a treatment of Cayenne pepper with Asparagus, 1 tin of Asparagus and 2 kaufen virgin coconut oil of Cayenne Pepper, bring to a boil, then liquidise it and refrigerate.

I also doing the Hydrogen peroxide nebulizer down my throat during the day, and blow balloons before bedtime. I will keep you posted on results. I have to see the Lung Doc on Dec This should be interesting. Last night I played 3 games of darts with my wife without huffing and puffing every time I walked to fetch my darts out of the board. I will keep you updated on my improvements. Yes to blowing up balloons! I have COPD and started the balloon regiment, it really does help.

I posted this on a group page and others have posted positive results. One guy said that he's blowing up big punch balls with no nackt ssbbw powered by phpbb of breath.

Easy and cheap to do. Lots of fun if you have a dog and let the balloon go squeeeeeek when you let the air out. Edgar Cayce's book Handbook for Health says he never knew anyone that did not recover from COPD if they would blow up 7 or 8 balloons a day.

Certainly worth a try. The use of the device ga or a generic equivalent, would achieve the same purpose and maybe more. It is said that many athletes, particularly competitive and Olympians use powerlung devices to increase atlanta respiratory function. I started to pass out one day when I tried to blow up 3 balloons in a row.

I will try again, but slowly. It was pretty scary cause it was like my equilibrium went ou and I started falling over.

I sure need to build my lungs up and at this point am willing to try again. I found nothing about the balloons? A man with advanced COPD went to the emergency room and was told there was nothing they could do for him and that he didn't have long to live with his condition.

He then went to my natural practitioner who instructed him to do castor oil compresses for a few days. After the fourth day he coughed, hacked up a bunch of black plugs that kaufen virgin coconut oil said looked like worms.

Alarmed, he went back to the emergency room. After tests the doctor said you don't have COPD. Kaufen virgin coconut oil asked if he could go hiking. The doc said you can kaufen virgin coconut oil whatever you want to. I heard him tell this testimony to my natural practitioner and profusely thank her for saving his life.

I wanted to share this info with others. No, do not ingest castor oil. Please see this page to learn how to make a castor oil pack to apply to the skin. I really wished that man would post how he went about it and what kind of castor oil he used. I'm willing and a lot of other people I know are willing to try anything. They only want your money. Not nessesary to read between the lines. Go look up how to do a castor oil compress online.

I've atlanta that you put plastic down, put strips of cloth soaked in ga oil all over your chest and lungs area, plastic on top of that, then a heating pad on top. Look ga up for details. If anyone with COPD has used cellfood products, please let me know what you think of the product. Thank you. Hello, I started taking Cell Food about a year ago. I thought. What can I lose.

I am a lung transplant awaiting patient. Been 4 years since my diagnosis and I am still kicking. We are trying to prolong the transplant to give me more lifetime. Since taking this supplement When you first start taking it.

Your energy level skyrockets like no other. As I stated

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