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Volume Eighteen Manga Summary. By: Nerezza. Uzumaki Naruto. Chapter "Arrived!! The Konoha head protector symbol comes from an old training method of holding a leaf on the forehead with chakra by focusing it into one spot. Naruto picks up on the idea and modifies the mark Jiraiya painted to look like the Konoha symbol. An explosion of energy signals that Naruto has passed the second stage! Jiraiya tells him he will explain the basics of the third stage on the way into the town as they go to find Tsunade.

The object is now to NOT dschungel party naruto se folla ein tsunade the balloon. The first exercise was for speed, the second for power, the third for control.

Naruto realises the difference between the third and second steps is titanic. Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto and Jiraiya get closer and closer to Tsunade by checking gambling establishments, with Naruto shifting their luck in exchange for information as well as a hefty win.

Unable to lie, he reveals his plan to finish what he started with Konoha. Chapter "And the Answer is!? Orochimaru departs, leaving Tsunade shaken up, offering them one week to decide. Jiraiya and Naruto arrive to find everyone already gone, but catch up to Tsunade and Shizune later in a pub. Confusion and surprise follows as Tsunade confirms she met Orochimaru, that Konoha wants her to bear the title of Godaime Hokage after Orochimaru killed Sandaime.

Naruto takes the news in the worst manner, unhappy with Tsunade becoming the next Hokage and even more so learning that Orochimaru was the murderer of Sandaime. Shodai Hokage. Chapter "I Won't Forgive You!! As Tsunade continues to voice her opinion on the Hokage title, Naruto becomes enraged. The two step outside for a fight.

With one finger, she sends Naruto flying back. As she becomes distracted thinking about them, Naruto gets back up and begins to spin chakra in his hand.

Tsunade is too distracted and unprepared as Naruto leaps at her! Nidaime Hokage. Chapter "The Wager!! After mocking both Jiraiya and Naruto, the two decide on a bet. If Naruto can master the Rasengan in a week, Tsunade will hand over her necklace, a keepsake of Shodai and expensive enough to buy three entire mountains. If not, Tsunade will take every penny Naruto has. Hokage Mountain. Chapter "The Necklace of Death!! Shizune attempts to discourage Naruto, saying the necklace is cursed.

Tsunade strolls down memory lane, remembering the death of her younger brother, Nawaki, after she gave it to him on his 12th birthday. Her proposal for each team to carry a medic was agreed upon by a man called Dan, who would later become her boyfriend and receive the necklace. Shortly after, Dan was injured and died even while Tsunade tried to heal him with hands saturated in his blood. Kyuubi and Naruto. Chapter "Tsunade's Decision!!

Tsunade dschungel party naruto se folla ein tsunade still in a state of confusion over which of dschungel party naruto se folla ein tsunade comrades to accept, especially with Orochimaru needing two living people as sacrifices for Edo Tensei Shizune sees the area where Naruto had been training and gasps at the demolished trees.

Jiraiya decides that if she tries to heal Orochimaru, he may have to stop her with lethal force. As Tsunade reaches the rendezvous point, she tells Orochimaru that she will only heal him if he does not attack Konoha. He dschungel party naruto se folla ein tsunade with her condition and slowly stretches his right hand out towards her

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