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What is the difference between the Disney Pocahontas movie and the Historical story? Well, in real life Pocahontas was a lot younger, and John Smith a lot older, than they are portrayed as being in the film. And she married John Rolfe before they went to England, whereas in the Disney version she is portrayed as meeting Rolfe after she went to England. It is true though that Pocahontas was a great success at the English court. And it is also true that her brother took a stick with him when they went to England, intending tomake a notch in it for everyperson he saw, but had to give up because there were too many of them.

No, it's repulsive and offensive to the real story of a real person who suffered greatly. Same with pocahontas. She was a child who was kidnapped, rapedand had her whole family murdered before being taken to a foreign country into a forced marriage, where she died. Misrepresenting that story pocahontas real life disney prinzessinnen a disservice, and an attempt to whitewash history.

It is just a romanticized and partialy fictionalized true story, told in true Disney form talking trees, friendly raccoons and hummingbirds? The truth in the matter is, there really was a Native princess called Pocahontas, she really did save and befriend John Smith - as far as being lovers Natives really did whoop, yell, caw, war cry, etc.

Being Native, I don't find the movie offensive in pocahontas real life disney prinzessinnen least. A little romanitcized and some parts are fictional, but then again, it is a cartoon.

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