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This article focuses total drama island sierra nackt the interactions between Cody and Sierra. Sierra has an obsessive crush on Cody, to the point that it is considered to be constantly stalking. Cody, on the other hand, rejects her, finding her creepy due to her constant stalking.

He desperately tries to eliminate her in every elimination ceremony, even if Sierra has immunity at the time. However, by the end of the season, Cody is much more warm towards her, even referring to them as best friends. As a running gag, Sierra will often mention him several times or pretend that Cody is around. However, being away from Cody for too long as well as losing all her photos from her cell phone after it was destroyed total drama island sierra nackt Mal puts strain on Sierra's unstable mind to the point that she imagines Cameronand sometimes her entire team, to be Cody.

In her debut episode, Sierra reveals that has an interest in the Total Drama series in general, and has total drama island sierra nackt website for all of the contestants, she appears to have a specific interest in Cody.

Sierra is seen spying on Cody and The Drama Brothers 's party as they go skinny dipping into a pool, as well as being fascinated with them and the rest of the Total Drama cast. She and Cody first interact on the red carpet when Alejandro pushes Cody down, and Sierra shouts his name in a concerned way. At the end of total drama island sierra nackt episode, when Sierra is in the confessional, she says she is excited to be in the next season because all her Cody blog questions will be answered.

These questions include "How many freckles does he have on his back? In the opening sequence for this season, Cody falls off the Statue of Libertyand lands in Sierra's arms. Sierra smiles, and Cody looks blankly up at her. Sierra then hugs him awkwardly, shocking him, and making him unable to breathe. Later, when the contestants parachute off the human pyramid they make, Sierra is shown to be holding Cody bridal style as they land total drama island sierra nackt the ground.

Sierra raves about Cody to Izzyrevealing that he still sleeps with a stuffed emu. She admits that she posed as a telemarketer to get more information on Cody from his aunt.

Later in the episode, she hugs Cody and tells him that she "knows that he wishes they were on the same team too". This prompts Izzy to say that they make a cute couple. Sierra and Izzy then decide to switch teams so that Sierra can be with Cody and Izzy can be with Owenwhich excites her. Sierra won't let the oth er girls near Cody.

In the beginning of total drama island sierra nackt episode, Sierra is seen in first-class searching through Cody's backpack and sniffing his shoe, until a shoelace gets stuck up her nose. When Sierra and Cody find out that they are paired up in the pinball challenge, she tackles him in delight. As their pinball flies in the air, she clings onto Cody in fear. Throughout the challenge, Sierra kisses Cody many times and does not seem to care that her team has lost the first part of the challenge.

While in the confessional after the challenge, Cody is disgusted at finding Sierra's gum in his ear. In the second challenge after Team Amazon is arguing and quit the challenge, Cody and Sierra are forced to make their own video themselves, which wins the challenge.

While Chris signs off the show, and shows a picture of Team Amazon, Sierra is shown hugging Cody's head, frightening him. Sierra is massaging Cody's feet during the flight to their next destination. Cody does not really want his feet to be touched, but Sierra ignores him and presses a pressure point to paralyze total drama island sierra nackt. Once everyone arrives at the Yukon, Cody tries to total drama island sierra nackt Gwen for warmth, but she rejects him and Sierra hugs him instead.

Later, as a polar bear tries to eat Owen and Cody, Sierra throws chunks of ice at it, claiming she will not write an obituary for her Cody blog. She then grabs a large fish from the water, and uses it as an oar and the ice she's standing on as a boat, and rescues Cody, wishing she froze to death instead of him and him stuttering an agreement because of her clinginess. Due to him freezing, she spends most of the second half of the episode carrying him.

While on the flight, Sierra tries to warm up Cody by rubbing his legs, saying that whenever he has cold feet, he'll think of her. To this, he replies by saying "no kidding" in a disgusted tone. When Sierra gets distracted by Heather and Alejandro, she inadvertently bends Cody's leg into an awkward position, causing him pain.

While climbing up the Statue of Liberty, Sierra wants Cody to go before her so she could stare at his butt, saying it's "The best view in New York" and purrs, to which Cody groans embarrassingly and tries to cover his butt up.

Later, Cody gets trapped in the Statue's cleavage, and Sierra saves him by swinging her rope towards him and pulling him to safety by biting onto his leg. When sliding down the thirty-story fire pole, Sierra screams Cody's name. Later, in Central Total drama island sierra nackt, when Sierra picks up the large apple with her head in turtle pond, the Amazons cheer for her, while Cody says "You're so weird!

While in the Total Drama Jumbo Jet, Cody places a net with a bell system around him to alert him if Sierra is trying to rub his total drama island sierra nackt again as he sleeps.

She instead lets him suck her thumb, and watches him as he sleeps. When he awakens, they both scream until Sierra laughs at how cute Cody total drama island sierra nackt when he's terrified, squeezing his cheek.

Cody is then seen in the confessional scrubbing his tongue with total drama island sierra nackt toothbrush, wondering if Sierra keeps her thumbs in her armpits when no one's looking. Sierra is seen in the confessional right afterward, saying Cody is into her while in fact, having her total drama island sierra nackt stuck under her armpits.

Later, Sierra makes a raw meat snowman of Cody, called "Meat Cody". This results in there not being enough meat for Team Amazon to win the challenge. Total drama island sierra nackt the dancing challenge, Cody, not wanting to wear lederhosen in front of Gwen, tells Sierra she'd look hot in it. This makes her want it really badly, however, Chris doesn't give it to her as a result, and makes Cody wear it instead.

Sierra then sings a song on the dance platform about how much she loves Cody. During the second challenge, Sierra angrily kicks DJ off the platform after seeing Alejandro defeating Cody. When Team Amazon wins the challenge, Sierra squeezes Cody in victory. At the beginning of the episode, Sierra is seen with a laptop made out of a pizza box and an actual mouse, which has a wallpaper of a muscular Cody carrying Sierra.

Later in the episode, Total drama island sierra nackt begs to hold onto Cody's medication for him so that she can be the one to inject him if he ever gets an total drama island sierra nackt going through the jungle, but Total drama island sierra nackt does not trust Sierra with it, so he insists Gwen get this responsibility. Sierra gets really disappointed with total drama island sierra nackt, as she argues she is the only one who knows what can make Cody go into anaphylactic shock.

She lists everything from black and red ants to goat saliva. Cody agrees with Sierra in following the other teams in the left side, to which she appears in the confessional telling she listened to wedding bells when he agreed with her in front of everyone. Cody gets captured by a giant mosquito, but Sierra saves him by throwing a rock at it and catches him before he reaches the floor.

When Gwen uses X-ray glasses to check the color of Cody's underwear only to discover he isn't wearing any, Sierra immediately asks if she could borrow the glasses later. In a follow-up confessional, Sierra admits that she wants to get her arms extended if she wins the season, allowing her to reach Cody's pocket if this ever happened again.

After they are freed from the Zing-Zings by Chef, Cody is bitten by a red ant, and runs out of the medication due total drama island sierra nackt Gwen's accidental injection. Sierra offers to help by sucking the poison out of his thumb, which repulses Cody, although he woman ready to fuck in springs no attempt to stop her due to being in dire need of help.

Later, when Team Amazon loses and have to vote someone off, Sierra votes with Gwen and Courtney and votes for Heather, but only if seeing Gwen as competition Gwen stops being nice to Cody. At the Barf Bag Ceremony, Chris reveals the voting process, and it turns out that Cody voted for Sierra, frightened by her stalker-like behavior, calling her the stalker he always wanted, until he got one. This leaves Sierra heartbroken, teary-eyed, and confused, as she states in the confessional that even after she gave him foot-rubs and kept "hair collections", he still voted for her.

Total drama island sierra nackt Sierra fawns over Cody almost all the time, she sulks and cries throughout this episode because of Cody voting for her in the last elimination ceremony. In the beginning of the episode, she is seen eating a gallon of ice cream and desperately crying, while Cody total drama island sierra nackt hiding behind baggage in the loser's cabin.

She even sings Paris in the Springtime completely out of anger towards him, and ignores his efforts to apologize during his pity date with her. He even has all of her favorite foods which he later states that they're his favorites, total drama island sierra nackt knows Sierra eats off his plate. She states that she knows he isn't doing this because he wants to. Near the episode's end, Cody eventually tries harder to get total drama island sierra nackt to her.

He tells her to stop crying, and that he is starting to prefer her always annoying him instead of crying over him. Cody says that obsessed Sierra was like being "slapped in the face", while upset Sierra was like being "kicked in the chestnuts".

Sierra accepts his apology and hugs him. In the confessionalshe happily claims that she loved the attention he finally gave her, and that she wasn't that mad total drama island sierra nackt Cody, just playing hard-to-get to get him to pay more attention to her.

Cody is creeped out by Sierra's explanation of people imagining others they cared for. Throughout the erotisk thaimassage stockholm thai massage helsingborg, Sierra is constantly flirting with Cody. While relaxing in the first-class section, Heather finds a toothbrush in the vent, which apparently belongs to Cody.

Sierra states that she has been looking for it, and brushes her teeth with it, much to Cody's dismay since it was his last one. Later, when the contestants get thrown out of the plane into total drama island sierra nackt water, Sierra is shown embracing Cody. After Gwen and Courtney are coming down from the rock, Sierra tells them a story about how much people want to see others, in which Cody wants to end the story.

She states that before she even knew Cody, she saw him out her bedroom window on a white horse. She said that she jumped out of her window to get on the horse, only to fall in a rosebush and ended up picking thorns out of her behind for about a week, then offers to show a scar. In this episode, they are both seen next to each other in the economy class cabin.

She hugs him while the plane is falling, but luckily they land in Jamaica. When the first challenge starts, he ends up jumping near a shark, and as she cheers and supports him by telling him to show it who is the boss, he gets beaten by it despite her motivational words. Sierra is thrilled to have Cody as her bobsledding partner during the timed sledding challenge, stating that this sport is really cozy, hugging him right away, leaving him shocked.

They do well the first time, but end up strongly hitting the pool's wall. In the last round of the second challenge, Sierra tells Cody they are the only hope for their team, adding that it's their destiny and hugs him.

She happily screams that they are ready and did the course once again. The contestants reach London and Total drama island sierra nackt is seen holding hands with Cody. She's talking about Queen Mary II getting engaged when she was just fifteen. This annoys Cody and he asks her to release his hand. When Team Amazon has to search for a clue somewhere in a guard's clothes, everyone on the team refuses and makes Gwen strip his clothes. To get out of it, Gwen tapes a mask of Cody's face onto the guard, which Sierra falls for and happily volunteers to undress him.

When Sierra and Cody are alone looking for the next clue in the Tower of London, Sierra talks to Cody about how couples were punished for running away together in medieval times, while blocking him from walking away. Cody, however, is not interested in her stories about London's history.

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