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  1. As the series goes on, he gains new friends and enemies.

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Naruto could not help but smile as he sat on his couch, wearing only his boxers, as he watched the sight before him. The morning after their first night together, Naruto had Sakura go back to her home and convince her parents that she would be spending the next few days with a friend, a task the pink haired Kunoichi easily accomplished.

Once she finished with her parents, Sakura ino sakura sexy naruto girls a detour on the way back to her Master's apartment to a nearby lingerie store to pick out a few outfits and costumes to wear while serving Naruto, including a skimpy maid outfit she wore one day to clean his apartment, making certain to bend at the right moments to allow her Master to view her body, and a sexy nurse outfit she wore another day, giving her Master a physical most men would kill for. Now, five days since her Master returned to the village, Sakura danced seductively in front of him, wearing a red belly dancer outfit, which consisted of a red, see-through bra and matching panties, ino sakura sexy naruto girls pink, see through sleeves that started on her elbows and went down to her wrists, along with a matching pants version that highlighted her tone legs, while a gold necklace adorned her neck, while a matching tiara rested on her head.

As she continued to dance, making certain to let Naruto know with each movement that she belonged to him, Sakura could not help but sigh happily, finding herself completely and totally in love with her Master, feeling happy to do whatever he asked of her, not matter how lewd or perverted his commands could be.

The biggest example in Sakura's mind was the day before, when she happily got on her hands and knees and allowed the blond to spank her as punishment for how she use to treat him, while all she did was moan and happily beg him to keep punishing her, saying that she deserved it.

Sakura was not able to sit down for a few hours, but to serve her Master, it was worth it in her eyes. After a few moment, Naruto broke the kiss and turned Sakura around, her back resting against his chest, before he reached around with his hands and began to massage her breasts through the thin veil of her bra, causing the pink haired Kunoichi to moan and sigh with pleasure.

Naruto continued his make out session with his pet for a little while, with Sakura moaning and sighing as his hands continued to massage her breasts, before he broke the kiss and said with a smile. After having lunch at Ichiraku Ramen, Sakura led Naruto around as they walked together, her hand holding his as she pressed her body close to his.

Following her commands, Sakura began to act like Naruto's girlfriend the moment they left the apartment, being close to him as they talked and laughed, even giving him a few kisses every now and then. To the rest of Konoha, it looked like the pair had finally become a couple, with many happy to see the blond with the girl he as always chased after, as well as happy to see that the pink haired Kunoichi seemed to have finally gotten over her feelings for the Uchiha.

Naruto didn't pay much attention to anyone else, he just enjoyed his time with Sakura, while the pink haired girl, on the other hand, smirked to herself as she thought. Eventually, much to Naruto's confusion, Sakura stopped in the middle of the road and turned to him, putting her arms around his neck as she pulled him into a kiss, one he readily returned, before she broke the kiss and smirked at him. I'll see you back at your place later. But once he turned his head to his right, however, his eyes instantly lit up as ino sakura sexy naruto girls realized what Sakura meant, as well as where he was standing in front of, Yamanaka Flowers.

Deciding to check first, Naruto moved towards the window, looking inside, before his eyes bulged out at the sight in front of him. Staring ahead, Naruto saw Ino Yamanaka from her side, bent down as she watered some flowers, though like Sakura, she too had developed into a fine woman.

Her blonde hair remained in a similar ponytail, regrown and grown out while covering her ino sakura sexy naruto girls eye, though he could the rest ino sakura sexy naruto girls her face, seeing the beauty of the Kunoichi.

She was out of her clothing she wore when she had a mission, or was soon to head off on one, now wearing an orange top, which Naruto really liked, not just for its colour, but it showed off Ino's D-cup sized breasts, while her legs were clad in a pair of light brown shorts, showing off her tone legs and leaving Naruto blushing a little as he admired her hourglass shape.

Before Naruto could berate the fox, Ino stood back up and turned again, her back facing Naruto, as she bent down to water some more plants, allowing Naruto to see ino sakura sexy naruto girls tight ass pressed against her shorts, adding to his blush. Hearing someone come in, Ino sakura sexy naruto girls quickly stood up and turned as she began to say.

But upon seeing what was in her eyes, a smoking hot man with a muscular build coming towards her, Ino immediately stopped speaking and blushed as she thought. Is this my lucky day? Her eyes quickly took in the features of the man coming towards her, sun kissed blond hair, deep blue ino sakura sexy naruto girls, an orange and black suit that showed off his muscles, the whisker marks on his cheeks.

Those blue eyes And while she wasn't the ino sakura sexy naruto girls with Naruto, the platinum haired blonde showed she had also missed him and his antics as she walked over, wrapped her arms around him and hugged the Ino sakura sexy naruto girls. When did you get in? Tsunade gave me some time off to relax before I get back into my missions. I never would have gotten a chance to see you and say just how amazing you look. At this comment, Ino's blush grew as she stuttered out a 'Th The same Naruto who used to pull those stupid pranks and use that annoying Sexy Jutsu?

Pulling herself together, Ino then said. I guess that training with Lord Ino sakura sexy naruto girls really paid off. That's Naruto. One with 'hands on' experience. From her words, Ino looked upon Naruto with a curiousness, wondering how her flirting would make him react. But keeping calm and collected, Ino then asked, ino sakura sexy naruto girls closer to Naruto. Placing his hands ino sakura sexy naruto girls her left, Naruto moved it up to his body, where he then added.

And any part of me that gets damaged, ino sakura sexy naruto girls can kiss ino sakura sexy naruto girls all better. Ino sakura sexy naruto girls found herself getting hotter and hotter at Naruto's words and his actions, as well as, now that she realized it, how tall he had gotten, while her eyes were drawn to his chest, his perfectly tanned skin, and the muscles she could see and feel. Though she would never admit it outloud, Ino was quite the fan of Jiraiya's Icha Icha series, and kept the books hidden in her room.

But clearing her head of those thoughts, Ino decided to make one last move, on that she hoped would smitten Naruto and make him come back for more.

After all, Ino wasn't the type to just let anyone have their way with her, they'd have to work for it. Placing her other ino sakura sexy naruto girls on his chest, Ino pressed her body close to Naruto as she looked him in the eyes, inching her face closer and closer to his, causing Naruto to think that she was about to kiss him.

However, at the last moment, Ino moved her head towards his left ear as ino sakura sexy naruto girls whispered enticingly. With that, Ino moved away from Naruto, turning around with a smirk and a mental giggle as she walked back to her plants, shaking her hips a little, while hoping that she got the desired effect of her action from the blond jinchuriki.

Looking ino sakura sexy naruto girls, Ino was surprised to merely see Naruto smirking at her as he said. In fact, I learned a Jutsu that will help me reach that goal pretty quickly.

Ino looked at him curiously, but, before she could ask what he meant, Naruto closed his eyes and performed the necessary hand signs, before opening his now glowing red eyes as he said. And just like Sakura before her, Ino found herself staring into those glowing eyes as her body relaxed, her eyes glazed over, and a blank smile adorned her face while all thought left her mind, save the unbridled desire to obey and serve Naruto.

You long to obey and please me, especially with your body. No other man interests you, I am perfection in your eyes, but you will find other women attractive, knowing that it pleases me to watch you please another ino sakura sexy naruto girls. When we are ino sakura sexy naruto girls or with any of my other slaves, you will be my loyal slave, my pet, while in public you will act normal, aside from being more attracted to me and flirting with me whenever you can, do you understand?

I am your slave I find women attractive I am your pet I will obey Eventually, the duo of Master and slave arrived at Ino's bedroom, with Naruto smirking as he did not sense or hear the platinum haired blonde's parents in the house.

Once inside, Ino turned and knelt on the floor, looking up at Naruto as a light blush covered her cheeks, while her breath because shallow with lust, as she awaited her next order. Ino then stood back up and reached behind her, unclipping her bra and letting it fall to the floor, revealing her fully formed breasts and hardened nipples, before sliding her panties down her legs, revealing her shaven and increasingly wet pussy to her Master, causing Naruto to holly madison nackt fotos im playboy growl with his own arousal as his heightened senses picked up on the smell of Ino's arousal.

Once she was naked, Ino then spread her legs slightly, before placing her hands behind her head and jutting her breasts out, smiling submissively ino sakura sexy naruto girls her Master, while hoping that her body was to his liking.

Once she was done, Naruto walked back ino sakura sexy naruto girls front of her, before removing the rest of his clothing, a sight that made the brainwashed Yamanaka lick her lips in anticipation, before he sat down on the bed and instructed. Anything for you. When we learned that one of the guards often went to the nearby strip club, I decided to infiltrate it as a dancer.

I loved the attention I was getting from the men and women there as I danced. It made me ino sakura sexy naruto girls sexy, confident and admired. Ino then imagined herself dancing for her Master and how good it would make her feel, while Naruto was thinking on putting a stripper pole in his own bedroom so that Ino could perform for him, before Ino resumed her blowjob, placing her mouth around his cock once more.

Naruto let Ino pleasure him for almost a hour, with the platinum blonde moaning as she sucked on his cock, getting a taste of his pre-cum and loving the taste of it, until Naruto placed his hand on her head, causing Ino to remove her mouth and look up at her Master obediently as she awaited his next command.

The blond Jinchuuriki then moved back onto the bed, lying back as he said to Ino. Ino smiled lustfully and nodded as she happily obeyed, getting into position as she crawled up Naruto's body, before getting into position, moving on top of the Uzumaki, moaning a little as she felt Naruto's member rubbing against ino sakura sexy naruto girls pussy.

Placing her hands on her Master's chest, while Naruto placed his on her thighs, Ino slowly lowered herself onto Naruto's cock, moaning as she felt it enter her folds, while Naruto groaned, as Ino felt much tighter than Sakura did. I am glad Sakura lead me to you Ino sakura sexy naruto girls so glad she brought you to me After some time, Ino began to moan even louder, picking up the pace as ino sakura sexy naruto girls felt her climax approaching, causing her to moan out.

Master I'm I'm so close Holding on for as long as he could, Naruto kept thrusting harder and faster, allowing more of his manhood to fill Ino's pussy, making her moan louder and louder, until Ino couldn't hold back.

But Naruto was far from satisfied, wanting more out of his Yamanaka pet as he said. Go stand by the wall. Place your hands on it and bend over, let me see that fine ass of yours'. Getting off the bed, Naruto moved over to Ino, placing his hands on her ass cheeks as he massaged them gently, earning a low moan from the Yamanaka. You make me feel so hot, so horny I need you Leaning forwards and giving Ino a kiss on the back of her neck, sending a surge of pleasure through her body, Naruto then used his hands to spread her ass cheeks, before slowly pushing his cock into her tight passage, causing Ino to throw her head back as she cried out in ecstasy, while Naruto groaned at how tight she felt.

To her, all that mattered was Naruto, and to be the best slave she could be after they finished in their moment of passion. Man, it feels good! Ino then lost all track ino sakura sexy naruto girls time, her eyes rolled into the back of her head, while her tongue hung out slightly as she moaned loudly, her mind void of all thoughts, save for the pleasure she was receiving.

I promise to be a good slave for you Ino then felt her Master's hand on her chin, gently lifting her head to the side, before her Master's lips met hers', causing Ino to moan into the kiss as Naruto's tongue entered her mouth, dominating her, a kiss ino sakura sexy naruto girls would swear eternal servitude for.

Breaking the kiss, Naruto continued to take her ass for a few more moments, before saying with a groan. I'm close Ino nodded in reply, moving her body alongside Naruto's, feeling his cock continue to fill her ass, feeling it twitch and throb inside of her, making the Yamanaka moan as she could feel she was close to reaching her limit alongside the Jinchuuriki. A moment later, Naruto let out a loud groan as he came inside of Ino's ass, causing her to cry out as she felt her own release, her sexual fluids running down her legs as she experienced another wonderful orgasm.

Allowing his slave and himself to catch their breaths, Naruto then pulled his cock out of Ino, who moaned at the lost feeling, before she turned and got on her knees, ino sakura sexy naruto girls up at her Master as she awaited her next orders, while Naruto himself got his clothing and began to redress.

Why don't you do something ino sakura sexy naruto girls make yourself look dressed? Smirking himself, Naruto then led Ino out of the Yamanaka residence, leading her back to his place, where the platinum blonde looked excited to more fun with her one and only Master.

Unbeknownst to Ino, Naruto had quickly summoned a Shadow Clone, ino sakura sexy naruto girls it off to do a task, causing him to smirk as he looked forward to the results.

Arriving at his apartment, Naruto opened the door and let Ino in, before smirking at the sight in front of him.

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